Airport Runway Rubber Removal


Highway and runway markings must be removed and repainted regularly, and runways face the additional problem of rubber build-up every time an airplane lands. Grinding it away can damage the pavement, and sandblasting generates a lot of dust.


UHP water jetting works faster and more thoroughly, without dust or pavement damage. The STARJET® is a closed-loop system that makes short work of highways and runways, while the smaller StripeJet handles short-line jobs, like parking decks and intersections.


  • Completely removes markings, coatings and runway rubber build-up
  • No abrasives to damage concrete or asphalt
  • Saves time and labor
  • Creates a stronger bond for restriping
  • Eliminates dust and debris with optional vacuum recovery
  • Cleans deep into runway grooves
  • Surface Preparation

    PROBLEM: Removing rust, scale and coatings with grit blasting requires containment and/or clean-up, and those costs can have a significant impact on profitability. For contractors doing environmental remediation – removing asbestos or lead paint, for example – the containment issue is even more critical. SOLUTION: A HydroPrep™ water jetting system with vacuum recovery needs no […]