NLB has been leading the way in water jet productivity and has a wider range of high-pressure and UHP pump units and accessories with higher standards of quality and reliability.

With in-house engineering, manufacturing and customer support that set the industry standard, NLB is the choice of contractors and operations professionals around the world for industrial cleaning.

Den-Jet Water Blaster machines are widely used in the land based sectors – Shipyards, Building & Construction, Heavy Industries, Petrol Chemical and Offshore industries.   We have helped many companies to do away with costly conventional ways of doing the jobs and at the same time promote ‘Green Label’ especially in the Building & Construction sector.   Conventional methods not only use extra manpower, it could not achieve the desired finishing and sometimes do damage to the materials/products.

The Pratissoli line includes more than 120 pump models supplying flow rates up to 900 LPM, pressures up to 1500 BAR and power up to 330 KW and are delivered worldwide through an efficient sales network available in more than 70 countries.
There are a multitude of applications that range from the petrochemical to the siderurgy, from the building industry to water treatment, from industrial maintenance to environmental protection.

Severe production monitoring, constant machine tools upgrade and regular personnel training allow the very high quality standards Pratissoli is known for, according to the company philosophy, the market expectations and the company’s ambitious development plans.