Idrokid Hydraulic Tube Bundle Extractor

It is a hard work to install and dismantle tube bundle in big heat exchanger, which is widely used in petrochemical and other industries. Removal of  tube bundles are essential; special hydraulic tube bundle extractor are used to extract and transport the tube banks to and from their shell, making the hydraulic machine for pulling out and pushing the tube bundle into the heat exchanger.

Idrokid Extractor is at the forefront of technology in this special fields, because machines were born from 1000 ideas by people that everyday pull and push tube bundles in oil refineries and chemical plants all over the world.

The hydraulic hooking of the tube plate makes it possible to quickly insert and pull out the tube bundles when the refineries are shutdown with a consequent work time deduction.

The great solidity & sturdiness of the structure as well as the innovative improvements make this machine an extremely reliable work tool.

This specially designed machine provides a brilliant solution to the problem of moving tube bundles inside the plant from the point where they are extracted to the washing yard or the internal workshop of the plant thus eliminating the use of trucks and mobile cranes and speeding up considerably the loading and unloading operations carried out just a few inches from ground level in complete safety.

 Idrokid Extractor is your hydraulic tube bundle extractor, super light, super easy to operate, super powerful and super clever and self supportive due to the use of an air-cooled diesel engine with all the hydraulic functions remotely controlled, fitted with hydraulic winch that can pull and install the most obstinate bundles in one stroke, normally in less than 15 minutes and with the biggest range of machines in the world.