A high-pressure water jetting system from NLB can solve the toughest product removal problems. For more than 30 years, we’ve been harnessing the  power of water to provide an efficient, cost-effective cleaning tool for industrial plants and contractors.

Whatever the build-up — rust and scale, resins,chemical residues, paint, epoxies — an NLB water jetsystem cuts right through it and rinses it away. Waterjetting leaves a clean, smooth surface, and is faster than manual methods. You won’t need chemicals,solvents or caustics (or the expensive safe ty and disposal procedures that go with them). Bottom line:water jetting is an, efficient, non-polluting way tohigher productivity… and greater profits


If you need a water jet unit for a one-time job Or want to try before buy? It’s easy with a rental from CISTECH. Factory-trained personnel are on-hand at each locations, armed with years of experience to help you select the right equipment for your job. They’ll not only show you how to run it, but cover all recommended safety procedures

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