Transfer Oil Hose

The Quality System :

Transfer Oil – one of the first companies in the industry to obtain the ISO 9001 certification in 1993
– has developed its own quality system to guarantee customer’s satisfaction by using computerized
control production systems to which all processes of both production facilities are connected.

Why Use Thermoplastic Hoses?

– Chemical resistance
– Resistant to abrasion
– UV / Ozone & Sweater 4 Resistance
– Permeation Resistance
– Twin Multiline
– Clearliness
– Small ID
– Compact OD
– Low Weight
– Reduced Bend Radius
– Eco Hydraulic
– Longer Shelf Life
– Others

Transfer Oil is today one of the most representative manufacturing players in the high pressure thermoplastic hose industry.

With applications ranging from hydraulic systems, gas and fl uid handling up to refrigeration and air conditioning, Transfer Oil products are used in several diff erent industries. Being qualifi ed to assemble and proof test Ultra High Pressure products up to 6.000 bar / 90.000 psi, Transfer Oil is today the only independent hose manufacturer capable to off er to the market products covering virtually every pressure range that a thermoplastic hose can reach with the technology known today.