BANSHEE Tube Cleaning

Banshee tube cleaning nozzles are the industry standard for effective tube cleaning. They use high pressure water as a liquid bearing, thereby eliminating ball bearing, seals oe lubricant used in conventional rotary tools.

Features :

Patented liquid bearing design means no bearings, seals, or lubricants to replace
Stainless steel construction for extreme durability and longevity
Multiple inlet option & replaceable heads make configuration easy

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BADGER Pipe Cleaning

Badger is a self-rotating tool designed for cleaning 2-4 in. (51-102 mm) pipes with bends and long radius elbows such as U-Tubes and process lines. The latest design include a spring-loaded pin that ratchets the head to machined edges on the shaft. Therefore, the head can only be removed with a special head removal tool, not while in operation.

Features :

The only self-rotary tool on the market that can navigate 2 in. (50 mm) pipes with bends.
The only tool in the industry with head locking technology for increase safety.
Multiple jetting options allow the tool to be optimized for a variety of pump pressures and flows, Unplug, polish, or run longer lines based on jetting.
Pair with the ABX-PRO for hands-free mole lining.

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Tank & Vessel Cleaning

Positioners provide up to 19 ft (5.8 m) of reach for the Torus 3-D tank cleaner in addition to tilt and rotation adjustments. Intended for vertical or near vertical applications.

Features :

Easily adjustable extension/retraction lengths means the cleaning noozle can be extended or retracted to a variety of insertion depths for better cleaning coverage.
24 in. (610 mm) aluminum mounting plate secures to the vessel during cleaning operation, increasing operator safety.
Inspection hatch allows for line of sight placemenet of cleaning head to check cleaning progress.
Portable and easy setup, no speacial tools required to position head.
Control Box (optional) offers convenient controls for vertical positioning and linear speed.

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